Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Roughing it" in Malibu

I am so happy to live in California where the weather, year round, is always suitable for a road trip.  And, the sights, even if I have seen them already, never disappoint.

After the holidays, during the big holiday let down (I swear, every year I try to figure out a way to keep this post-holiday lull at bay.  I'm still figuring it out.), we took a week off to drive south to L.A. land.  I had found a stunning campground in Malibu, overlooking the dramatic Pacific coast.  It wasn't cheap, but it was sure a feast for the eyes.

Not only did we get this gorgeous view at sunset, but we were next to a brand new Airstream with a lovely couple and 2 sweet labradors. What a great photo op. . .

Malibu was a great home base for our LA adventure.  We visited Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, etc.  And every night we got to come back to this.  Life is good.

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