Monday, April 13, 2015

Camping "next door" at Anthony Chabot Regional Park

When we bought our humble trailer for our family of four in 2013, on of our goals was to be able to see many of the sites in the American West with some family coziness thrown in.
A couple of things I've come to realize:
1) We probably should have bought this trailer 3 years earlier.  My children were 9 and 12 when we bought it.  Our first trip to Yellowstone, etc. was great.  But the farther my son went into teenage years, the more complaints we starting getting when we even brought up the mention of the trailer.  Trailers are fun for kids - not cool when your almost teen doesn't even want to be seen with you.  haha.  Having said that, when he is with us he does unwind and we enjoy our time together, even if he won't admit it.  My hope is that he will at least have happy memories.
2) There never seems to be enough time to take the trailer out for a proper spin.  I've learned to just make peace with that and enjoy the time when we can find it.   She stays in storage most of the time, but that's okay.  Recently we moved her to a storage facility much closer to us so that we could take some shorter trips to local campgrounds.
Anthony Chabot Regional Park was one such November trip.  About 20 minutes from our house but, I kid you not, it felt like we were in the wilderness.  Nary a soul.  Quiet and relaxing.  Maybe too quiet!  Here are some pictures for you:
The dogs are the cutest when they are begging to join us outside, aren't they?
One thing Adam really enjoys on these trailer jaunts is 1) organizing lawn furniture and 2) making fire.
This is a shot of our trailer on top of the hill of eucalyptus at our campsite.  We were feeling many miles away from the Bay Area.

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