Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our NYC-SFO move, the granddaddy of all of our road trips May 1999

Andrew's father 'supervising' at Amy's house
At the time it seemed ambitious, I'll admit.  In retrospect it was pretty nuts, but it was an epic road trip that turned out to be a pretty damn good memory.  

Just before we started dating, Andrew had moved from a 4 bedroom house in Ohio to a small apartment in Chicago.  All of his furnishings:  beds, couches, dining room tables, etc. were divided between his sister's basement in New York and a storage facility in Michigan.  
Phase 1 of the truck load-up
We decided to move to back California and our wedding and new employment were within reach. Time to move to California in an oversized Ryder truck.
Driving out of NYC

Somewhere in Nevada
The first of the state signs we documented
Our cats, Kensho and Zephyr, bless their hearts, were not too happy with the move.  Kensho hid quietly in the back and Zephyr announced his displeasure on his behalf.  All. the. way. to. California.

in the blizzard - okay it was just a snow storm, but it was scary

The most harrowing portion of the drive was the blizzard we encountered over the Wastach mountains in Utah.  White knuckle driving for sure.   

There was also that tornado alert in Nebraska - we couldn't figure out why the interstate was empty and the skies looked green. . . 

Finally we made it to the other coast.  Happy to be back 'home' again.  

There have been many fine road trips since.  But none compare to the sense of adventure and excitement that colored that trip:  new job, new life, new marriage.

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