Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taft Point Trail and Glacier Point

An old post from my other (and pretty inactive) blog 1001 Bay Area Hikes from 2009.  Nice memories, cute little kids.  Boy does time fly.


The Mister drove up to join us for the weekend. We took off on another adventure into Yosemite. This time, to Glacier Point. The children were thrilled by the view. Rebecca kept talking about how much she wants to climb the 'split rock' someday.

After frolicking around the rocks and boulders at the point, we drove a bit down the road to head off on Taft Point trail - a relatively short one, doable for the kids (although there were some steep parts). This was the view at the end:

Adam (8) was terrified, Rebecca (5) was fearless, we had to hold on tight to her. I didn't even go near the edge. A little rest, then back. Great day.

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