Friday, April 6, 2012

Burton-on-the-Water and the Old New Inn

For one of our 'rambling days' at our Cotswold cottage, we ventured in the direction of Burton-on-the-Water, a very popular village on the tourist itinerary.  Apparently, they refer to it as the 'Venice of the Cotswold's, thanks to the river which runs parallel to the high street.  There are several pedestrian bridges, a riverside walk, ducks, etc.

It was in Burton-on-the-Water that Rebecca bought her adorable 'English hat'.  Doesn't she look cute?  She called it her 'Adventure hat' and put it on every morning before we hit the sights.  Sadly, we lost it somewhere in England or France. 

We had a fun time exploring  this darling model village at the Old New Inn.  This is an accurate (supposedly) scale model.  There is even a model of the model.  We were a bit disappointed that there wasn't a model of the model of the model.  But, you can't have everything.

Here is Rebecca stomping down the street as she and her brother were pretending to be giants.  Of course!

And here I am.  I'm stunned at the poor picture quality of all of these pictures.  This was AFTER I dropped my camera, you see. . .

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  1. I was working in The Old New Inn in the summer of 2004 and i have wonderfull memories about it.


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