Monday, March 26, 2012

Bayeaux Cathedral in detail

Bayeaux is a historic town, and our stop between the D-day beaches and Mont St. Michel.  After a visit to the world famous Bayeaux tapestry, we dragged the children down the street to visit the original home of the tapestry, the town’s cathedral.   

The town of Bayeaux is not large.  But, as you find in many parts of Europe, the scale and importance of many towns today does not accurately reflect the wealth and importance they had in yesteryear.

The Norman cathedral was dedicated in 1077 in the presence of William the Conqueror.    During medieval times, the tapestry had been hung every year in the nave to commemorate the Norman invasion of England.  

The cathedral itself was a visual delight.  Since my regular camera lens was dropped and sub-par, I tried out my new telephoto to take some pictures of details in the stone work.  It’s often the detailed carvings that I ignore in these grand churches, mainly because I can’t see them!  But with a telephoto . . .

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