Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A life list for my last few years of childhood

Not MY childhood, mind you, but the time I spent being a participant (or observer) in my children's. 

Today we're sitting around our messy post-holiday home not accomplishing much.   My son on his I-Pod, my daughter on the computer and me on the laptop (or napping).  

My son just turned 10 but he might as well be a full blown tween with the attitude the attempt to look cool, etc.
I am hoping my daughter keeps her childlike wonder for a longer time, if not forever.

It goes so fast.

So, I want to make sure they get a chance to do all the things I did that I felt were part of a well-played childhood:

Roller skating in the neighborhood (preferably down the neighbor's sloped driveways)
Creating worlds of fantasy on the sidewalk with chalk
Riding down hills in red rider wagons
Giggling with your friends until your sides split
Making forts with cardboard boxes
Painting rocks and making fairy houses/furniture
Making mud pies

What is on your list?

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