Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today was spent taking the daughter out for some school shopping – just for the fun of it. And, yes, I suppose she needs a new outfit or two. After the first store she was tired, hungry and wanted to go home. Ah, perhaps she’s just like me: hates shopping. For those of you who know me, this is why my clothes are so ratty and I wear the same shoes days after day.

Home, a nap for me, some mischief for her. When the boys came home from a pool party they immediately plopped on the couch in front of the boob tube. I broke it to the kids that I was going to turn off the TV. The ‘no tv during the school week’ started a day early. Why? Because I'm just mean, I guess.

Then, gasp!, I forced them to go outside together. Mainly because I had a headache and wanted peace and quiet.

This is what they did: Adam put all of Rebecca’s clips in her hair; Adam dared Rebecca to come into the house repeatedly and lick my arm; they went swimming in their underwear in our cheapo pool; they ran around the yard in said wet underwear..

Finally, back inside – pillow fights in the living room. I made them go upstairs – again, because I had a headache and, although they were really having fun, they were LOUD. [this is why people DO like to put the TV, computer, etc. on for their kids, by the way, they are lulled into peace and quiet.] Right now they are upstairs playing with Rebecca’s dolls.

Friday was Rebecca’s birthday and Adam made her a card. The first line of the card said “I love you so much”.

This post started as a random rambling. Now, it seems to have described my kids actually liking each other. How do I make this last?

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