Friday, August 6, 2010

Settled deeply into summer

It's August 6th.  Today the house is destroyed like a tornado would do.  Adam's best friend slept over last night.  They both slept on the downstairs couches so they could play Wii until 11:30.  So, blankets and pillows are all around me along with kids in their pajamas.  I'm supposed to spend all day today cleaning up and packing for our next big trip.

On Tuesday we came back from the Cabin, where we were for 10 days.  We hosted two sets of families with lots of kids.  A couple of days in between just to ourselves to laze about and miss the fun of having lots of kids around.  We went to the lake for hours, skinny dipped in rivers, went to the movies, ate a lot of popsicles and drank a lot of soda.  The kids spend hours in the tree house, on the monkey swing, and in the sandbox.  We stay up late and sleep in late.  We don't have a schedule.  It's heaven.

I am not taking it for granted.  I'm so grateful that I can enjoy this summer with my kids.  In a few years it will be different - they'll be teenagers.  I wish that I can stop each moment in time.  Thankfully, someone invented the camera.

Here are a few moments from the indulgence/bliss of summer:

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