Sunday, July 11, 2010


I used to think that if there was a fire and I had only 5 minutes to get out of the house I'd quickly grab all of my photographs and journals to take with me (now it's the kids of course).

Thankfully, I now have an IPOD with 160GB of storage, so I can scan all of my non-digital photos and back them up on my IPod.  Now, isn't that a much easier thing to carry out of the house than boxes of photo albums?

I've always had a historian in me.  And I like data.  Evidence.  Memories.

This week I've been bitten by a bug that has me scanning all of the pictures I have in my house.  I have a system down now and I've created a labeling/filing system that seems to work.  Now that I have all of these photos in digital form, I'm dreaming up all sorts of ways to use them (photo books for Christmas presents, posters for our walls, etc.)

I can even post them on my blog gosh darnit!

So, I will go forward in time.  Here is one of the earliest photos I have so far.  It's my Grandmother Dorothy Lindsey as a child, with her Grandfather from the early 1900s in her home town of Denver.

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