Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why vacation is so important

Today we go back to our normal lives at home. I must say that this has been an important vacation - as all vacations are important, I believe - for the health of the family. It took about 2 days for my husband to unwind and get in 'vacation mode'. For that matter it took about that long for my 9 year old to get the attitude and eye rolling flushed out of his system (it took time, but also some consistent limits). After those 2 days, we've been spending a great amount of time giggling, adventuring, commiserating, and participating in each other's lives. The kids have bonded and enjoy each other again. Us parents have been more to them than just agents that get them off to school in time or check over their homework. We've had several long discussions about life, politics, the history of the universe, etc. And - what I like the best - we've been seeing new things for the first time - together.

I'm already planning the next trip. Adam says he wants to go to the Pennsylvania and Maine next. Why? I have no idea.


  1. Come to Minnesota....! Lots to do here....August is great for the State Fair. And before the kids get too much older, there's the Children's Museum. I could go on...xo!

  2. Okay! I will start checking the air fare. Seriously. I would love to visit you again.


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