Monday, March 22, 2010

O Wherefore Art Thou, Bogey’s Books?

Is there anything more intoxicating that the minutes spent is a high quality independently-owned bookstore? For me it was hundreds of hours making only a smidge more than minimum wage as a bookstore clerk. I loved bookstores so much that I actually considered opening one as a viable career option.

Boy, would I have been screwed!

These days it’s very hard to find a good, locally owned, bookstore – new, used, or mixed. We do have one in town: Bay Books. I frequently bring the kids in there to trade, browse, and buy. I want them to remember what a good used bookstore looks like before they are all gone.

Yes, I suppose I’m being a bit depressing.

But depressing it is.

I miss that you could usually find a decent locally-owned bookstore in any town. I remember when Barnes and Noble opened in our home town. It was a matter of only a few years before the best bookstore in town, Maxwell’s, closed. When Borders came to Davis, a couple of years before Bogey’s bit the dust. Heck, even Cody’s is now gone!

So, a moment of silence for each unique, quirky, jewels of bookstores near and far. . . Especially, my Romeo, Bogey’s.

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