Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding things I didn't know I'd lost

The husband and son are off to the Carribean for some family obligations (poor sods). I get to spend the week with my daughter. Except for these few days when she's basking in the glow of Grandma and Grandpa's undivided doting and attention.

I have spent my precious alone time listening to (what a delight) - the Finn Brothers channel and rearranging my office. I am so thrilled with the new layout. I have my desk on one side and I've arranged my giant open Ikea shelves so that I have a partition of sorts. On the other side I've put a twin bed. This will be my 'nook', my lounger surrounded by books - my very own bookstore that I've always wanted. I'm dusting and organizing the books. Occasionally I find a bookmark from long ago. I've started a collection - so if you come visit my 'bookstore' you can borrow one of these bookmark memories.

My bed will have my grandma's quilt. The side table with have the fish, perhaps. And the walls will hold all the images, old and new, that I love the most. But first I have to sort through them all. Listening to 'my' music and glancing upon these random things sure makes me thoughtful and moody.

I'm 40 now. How did 40 get here? I'm soon to be unemployed, thanks to the State of California budget crisis and being very low on the totem pole as far as faculty goes. My daughter will be in school 6 hours a day this year. I hope to spending a lot of time in my 'nook' while the kids are in school relfecting, daydreaming, and following whatever attracts me to my next 'calling'. Stay posted.

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